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Only from the heart can you touch the sky.

- Rumi

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Reiki Healing Sessions

Explore a deeper level of wellbeing and healing with a complete Reiki treatment. Accelerate healing and recovery or tap into deep relaxation with a session customized to satisfy your needs and preferences.

Reiki Distance Healing Sessions

As Reiki works with intention and energy, it is not bound by space and time as we are in our physical bodies. Reiki can be sent to you or a loved one anywhere in the world, receiving the same healing energy as with an in-person session.



I offer a range of workshops that can be done for small groups, classrooms, and teams. All workshops are interactive, and participants will leave with skills they can apply on their own. My approach involves mindfulness, humor, and intuitive flow using a number of tools and modalities from ancestral traditions to modern techniques.


Kemetic Yoga

Kemetic yoga is the re-discovered system of yoga postures practiced by the ancient Kemites or Egyptians. It is one component of a comprehensive system of personal development. By maintaining a nourished body, energized mind, and tranquil spirit, we learn to flow with changes as they come and adapt as needed to new situations.


Find Your Peace of Mind

I am here to facilitate peace and wellness through ancestral and modern methodologies. Please let me know how I can be of service to you or your organization.